Filtra Vibración

FILTRA sieves and shakers can be used to classify and analyse a wide variety of products, both liquid and solid, for research and development, quality control, and production process supervision.

Our Products

Main application sector include;

  • Food - Flours, Milk products, Cereals, Spices, Pulses, Chocolate, Coffee
  • Agriculture – Fertilizers, Seed and Grains, Herbs
  • Chemical and Petrochemical - Glues/adhesives, Paints, Toner Plastic and polyamides, Lubricant, Resins
  • Recycling - Paper pulp, Waste water, Glass, Slurry, Waste oils, Plastics
  • Construction - Filling materials, Sand, Clay, Cement and derivatives, Plaster
  • Cosmetics and hygiene – Detergents, Soaps, Pigments, Surfactants
  • Ceramics – Stains, Enamels, Pigments, Clay
  • Mining – Metals, Metal oxides, Kaolin, Explosives, Minerals, Diamonds
  • Pharmaceuticals - Medicines and drugs

All FILTRA products made according to European Common Directives and come complete with an instruction manual and CE declaration of conformity.